Lieu Lu's success and passion for property is a desire to go the extra mile for his clients to be completely confident that their property transaction is in the best possible hands and to take the stress and hassles out of the selling and buying process.

With a keen understanding of the industry, having over 10 years career in real estate behind him, Lieu Lu has a vast record of selling history and has the sales $50 million dollar badge, a recognition of the sales success in the industry.

Through actively buying and selling property over the years its created a real passion for the industry, and has now dedicated his life to real estate, the challenge and the pursuit. 

“I meet great people every day and get the opportunity to assist them in purchasing, investments, moving into a family home or retiring into something smaller. It humbles me to know I am making a positive difference in someone else’s life, I truly believe that the right home makes a huge difference to anyone’s future”

Lieu’s other passion is his Family. He has 3 daughters and is dedicated to being a great father.